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Found this little gem in a Facebook note I wrote a while ago. Does anyone even use Facebook notes anymore? Anyway, just a little truth piece, in a way, about love today and how romance needs to show its lovely face every now and then.

Once upon a time, a young, beautiful woman hums a romantic tune about one day finding her true love. A handsome prince on white horseback happens to hear a faint melody in the distance and decides it’s his destiny to find the source. It’s as if the song is tugging at his heart, beckoning him to heed its call. All of a sudden he comes upon a stunning sight; a beautiful maiden blessed with the gift of song. The two meet eyes and suddenly realize their lives will never be the same again. No longer will they wander throughout life alone and wanting. They have found each other; each other’s salvation. The prince whispers a hello and she curtsies with a smile in return. He lifts her onto his horse and they ride into the sunset towards his magnificent palace.

Many who read stories like this imagine a fairy tale of some sort. The prince meets the maiden, they look at each other and instantly fall in love. There is a reason these writings are referred to as fairy tales. The reality of the matter is that romance, especially in today’s society, does not work this way. Many claim they believe in “love at first sight.” The truth is that one cannot simply look at someone they do not even know and fall “head over heels.” The truth is the pair may simply be physically attracted to each other, but unless they are psychic or incredibly shallow, there is no possible way two people can fall in love with one glance. True love evolves through getting to know who the person is on the inside—discovering one’s soul. Maybe this is where the term “soul mate” derives. If one were to fall in love with one glance, it would not be called a soul mate, it would be known as “outer appearance mate” or something of the sort.

True chivalry seems almost dead in today’s society. Not to say that a woman expects her man to arrive in slow motion in a suit of armor on a white steed, but little things like holding doors open, expressing vocally how one feels for the other, or actually venturing away from the computer or television on a date are perfectly acceptable. Does anyone go on dates these days or is it simply “hanging out” on the living room sofa?

The truth about relationships today seems to lack a vital ingredient: romance. Yes, spending time with the person one loves is important, but actually taking the time to mix in some romance seems to have died out long ago. Granted fairy tales do not exist in real life, but simply taking the time to say “I love you” or plan a date could more than likely save many relationships from future doom. The truth is, life doesn’t have to be a fairy tale, but it could be a metaphor for a couple’s story.