Monday, Nov. 17 – “Be Our Guest” at Hollywood Studios

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Monday morning we departed for Hollywood Studios on the horrid shuttle (which I did not get sick on, even without Dramamine!). After getting off the shuttle, we got our first daytime view of Florida, palm trees and all! We could see in the distance, however, that a storm was approaching. Our first stop was the Muppet 3-D show, which was awesome! I’m pretty sure I was the only dork who laughed out loud during the show. We then went to the Star Wars gift shop which was a building full of epicness. I was tempted to make my own light sabor.

Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast!

Afterwards, we bolted for the Beauty and the Beast show. On the way there, we saw the infamous Tower of Terror. We could hear the screams from a good distance away. Nope! (Matt wanted to go on for whatever reason.) Thank goodness for FastPass because by the time the show started, the outdoor theater was packed! The show was amazing! (So amazing, I almost cried several times ha.)

After the show, I quickly dragged Matt across the park to wait in line for The Voyage of The Little Mermaid fifteen minute show. The Little Mermaid, as most of you know, has been my favorite Disney movie since I was little. During the show, the lights and effects made you feel as if you were under water. Puppets played the sea creatures, including a massive, kind of creepy puppet, playing Ursula. Ariel’s voice was pretty dead on too.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid!

Voyage of the Little Mermaid!

Afterwards, the rain was moving in quickly, so we weaved through the crowd to shelter, which happened to be a restaurant I really wanted to eat at a place called Prime Time Diner. It’s a 1950s diner that is set up like a living space during the time period, which I loved! There were only two spots left at the bar for places to sit, so we quickly grabbed them! We had a wonderful experience with an outstanding and fun waitress. Never in my life has beer tasted so good, ha! Matt’s long island ice tea was the best he ever had, according to him. Food was fairly decent, but the experience was what made it!

We then made a mad dash in the pouring rain to the Villain Store, which was filled with everything villain, including The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise (the most I have ever seen!!) I was able to buy ponchos, much to Matt’s dismay, and we moved on to The Great Movie Ride. This ride was fantastic! My favorite part as the Wizard of Oz section in Munchkinland! They sang and the witch even showed up!

DSCF2741We decided in hang out in a gift shop for a little while as the rain continued to pour down. Inside a gigantic Frozen themed gift shop, there was a small room decorated like an outdoor, winter scene. Inside was an area with “snow” (more like ice chips) where kids could play in it! It was the funniest and the coolest thing to see kids play in the snow for the first time! We were both like, nope!

The next event was Matt’s pick, the Indiana Jones stunt show. I am weird and never got into the movies, but I think Matt enjoyed it! It was full of fights and stuff blowing up, perfect for Matt, haha.DSCF2752

By the time we left the show, it was still pouring, but we ventured out to the Fantasmic firework display area anyway, just in case. This was a terrible time for Matt to realize that he was too tall for his poncho as we had to sit on the wet seats. He was pretty miserable. We were both soaked even though we had ponchos. We waited until the show was supposed to start only to have the announcer say the show was cancelled, but they decided to give us “a taste of Fantasmic” with a shortened version of the firework show. It was cool, but Matt and I were just happy to rush back to the shuttle and climb into bed with food at the hotel.

*If you wish to view more photos from our trip, visit my Facebook page and click on the Disney World album!


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