Sunday, Nov. 16- “For the First Time in Forever” leaving for Disney World!

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I could hardly sleep the night before our departure. I was anticipating this trip for months – ever since Matt and I began discussing possible vacation spots. I suggested various locations such as the Black Hills, Colorado, etc. Matt replied with, “But we have been to those places before.” I retorted, “Well it’s not like we can go to Disney World!” Matt quietly said, “Well, we could go to Disney World.” After that, he made the reservations and we began to plan out trip!

I awoke very early Sunday morning in order to beat the snowy weather down to Omaha, where we would depart from the airport; my first time on a plane as well! I was super nervous as I do get motion sickness. We arranged to drive to my great aunt and uncle’s house in Omaha, where we would catch up and they would drive us to the airport. That way, Matt’s car didn’t have to be at the airport all week. The drive to Omaha was saltier than salt (since we recently experienced some snow fall). The perfect time to leave for Florida! Of course, Matt’s windshield wiper fluid was frozen, resulting in us stopping three times to wipe the windshield off. We made it safely to Aunt Janice and Uncle Neal’s home. They greeted us warmly (meeting Matt for the first time!) and served us fresh made pancakes and bacon. We laughed and talked about everything from where I am now to how we all missed Grandpa Duane Carlson’s stories (Janice is my grandpa’s sister.) At about 11 a.m., they drove us to the airport.

Ready to go!!

Ready to go!!

I was a bundle of nerves being a first time flyer (not to mention my back was a little sore after throwing it out somehow that morning!). I have previously taken Dramamine though. Ascending was kind of scary at first (Matt chuckled at how I tight I gripped his arm during the whole experience.) Descending, however, was kind of sickening. We landed in Atlanta, Georgia, and got to experience it all over again until we landed in Orlando. The view from above of Orlando at night was incredibly beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking out the window! After we landed, we were shuttled to the All Star Movies Resort (I finally did feel quite nauseous right before we arrived at the hotel.) After lying down to compose myself, we went to get something to eat. It was unreal how warm it was compared to snowy South Dakota! We returned to the hotel room and vegged out the rest of night after our long journey. We were finally at Disney World!

*If you wish to view more photos from our trip visit my Facebook page and click on the Disney World album!


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