Christmas letter 2014

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized


Another year gone all ready! Yes, I am writing a Christmas letter and I am well aware of how this art is but a memory for my generation and a lost art for the next. I know this will be just a tad over 40 characters, but I will try to make this as exciting as possible, so stay with me dear reader!

The year 2014 for Matt and I has been quite the eventful one. In January, we spontaneously (more like I begged and pleaded for quite some time) decided to get a dog. At the time, we still lived in Madison and we found a breeder in Salem – a 30 minute drive away! The moment we brought home our beagle, Molly, we fell in love. She is quite the fire cracker and very smart! She is also the most loving and loyal soul you will ever meet. Can’t believe she is a year old already!

A few days after we welcomed Molly into our lives (along with endless supplies of dog hair everywhere), Matt began his new job as a software developer for Citibank. He had already been working in Sioux Falls, so commuting wasn’t too much of an issue at the time (besides the winter time!). Matt enjoys his new work environment as well as working with members of his team. It seems like they are always doing something together!

In mid-March, I finally got the phone call I had waited a year for – a full time job offer in Sioux Falls! I began working as an internal communications coordinator at the Good Samaritan Society – National Campus. Basically, I do all things internal including proofreading, email announcements, internal Newsfeed, etc. I also take employee photos and edit them. I also began and manage the Society’s Pinterest account; that’s right, I get paid to be on Pinterest! I am very blessed to be working at the wonderful organization that the Society is. Plus, my co-workers are wonderful!

With all the commuting and wanting to upgrade to a nicer home, Matt and I began looking for a house to rent in Sioux Falls. In early May, we moved into a two-bedroom, one-bath house with fenced in back yard and two-stall garage. Hardwood floors, updated kitchen and central air (a big plus with none in Madison and temperatures reaching 90 degrees in our house!) were also major perks! The neighborhood isn’t bad either! We are close to the hospital and a block away from a park! Molly loves her new back yard and we love taking pride in our house! Sioux Falls is a big adjustment for me (one I’m still not used to!) but we hope to purchase a home in the near future on the outside of town with a larger yard and more square footage!

In November, Matt and I took the trip of a lifetime to Disney World! For me, it was a whirlwind of firsts – first plane ride, first time in Florida, first time at Disney! We spent a week in Florida exploring all the parks and seeing the ocean for the first time for me! It was a little colder than we thought it would be (with the cold front moving in exactly when we got there), but it was still, well, magical! (Photos are on Facebook and I’m currently writing a blog of our adventure for all to read!)

Just adding this to the Christmas letter now, but as of Christmas Day, Matt and I are ENGAGED!! He showed up at my parents’ house while we were all opening presents (and still in our jammies). He got down on one knee, presented a ring and asked me, with my parents taking pictures and my sister filming it! I remember saying, “Are you serious?!” (the first time) and kissing him and that’s about it! (I think I said yes?) He also called earlier that week to ask my dad’s permission, so my parents knew it was going to happen! So surprised, so now let the wedding plans begin! (Pictures on Facebook!)

Other than that, our lives are pretty low key (ha)! We spend most of our days taking Molly on walks or to the dog park (she loves meeting new friends!), going out with friends, shopping (both clothes and home décor) and catching up on reading (for me), wood working and brewing beer (for Matt), and exploring Sioux Falls even more every now and then! We are so grateful for all of our friends and family, especially during this Christmas season! God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nessa and Matt


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