For the final project of my Foundations of New Media class, I was to create some sort of media portraying the English for New Media degree. I, as well as Alysia and Bry, chose to construct a promotional video for the program as it is a fairly new program and the only one of its kind in the country. One of the primary audiences is employers. This major is unheard of for many employers or they just do not know much about it. With this video, it will not only educate employers about the degree, but also potentially create more jobs for graduates. The other primary audience is potential English for New Media students. Why not portray a media degree with media? These future students, or students planning to switch, will get a much better idea about what English for New Media is. The video may even recruit more students into the program.

It was fairly difficult to be able to meet with my group members since everyone has a busy schedule. The use of Dropbox and Facebook messaging came in handy to communicate and share ideas virtually. We were able to meet a few times to work on the project as well. I was able to film while interviewing English faculty as well as students for the project. We initially wanted to incorporate more computer recordings, using Camtasia Studio 8, of media tools and other aspects such as Voyant Tools and Facebook. On account of time, we decided to cut most of those and stick to the interviews. A lengthy video will not hold the attention of employers and/or students if it’s too long, so we stuck to the basics. The process of editing was tedious as we used Windows Movie Maker 2.6, which tends to freeze up on the user multiple times, so constant saving is a must. The end result was quite rewarding, however.

Without further ado, here is our English for New Media promotional video! Enjoy!


Final Exit Exam Presentation

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Since I am graduating this May, I am required to take some sort of exit exam from the university. Each program designs its own exam. For the English for New Media degree, we are required to submit five different  pieces that we did while attending DSU, as well as an introductory essay describing each piece. We are also to present to at least two faculty members all of these pieces as well as how the program has prepared us for our future goals. I chose two analysis pieces, one of a traditional text and one of nontraditional texts, creative prose, and two other pieces, in which I chose a video and this blog. Here is a recording of my presentation!


Potatoes of the Smaller Kind

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Long ago there once lived a social media network named MySpace, “A Place for Friends.” Adolescents and aspiring musicians of all kinds flocked to this popular new way of communicating, sharing, and making connections. In its youth, MySpace led a healthy, social life. Sadly, as it aged, MySpace became less popular as Facebook took its reign as the ruler of social networks.

Personally, this was the first social network I utilized as a young teen. The excitement of choosing a background, profile image, and finding friends kept me entertained. Friends, at that time, were people I was truly friends with, rather than acquaintances. I used MySpace to communicate with said friends as well. My MySpace phase came to an end with the discovery of Facebook. Alas, even if I had the desire to reminisce and/or delete my MySpace account, I could not as my previous email address I used to log in has suddenly ceased to work and exist.

Music was, and still is, the original reason for MySpace. My favorite band since I began using MySpace is Green Day. They do have a MySpace page that displays music videos, their music, other Green Day related videos, photos, and a blog. The band is quite popular, being a band that began in 1989, so they are represented on several other media mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Imgur, and several fan websites and blogs. The only sites where the actual band members post are Twitter (the lead singer’s wife to be more specific), and Imgur.

As for Reddit, I do not usually visit this form of entertainment. The only cause for these visitations are influences from friends, mostly male. I find that males utilize Reddit while females spend insane amounts of time on Pinterest. I know this as I am a Pinterest user as well. Although I am not as obsessed as I used to be, I still enjoy finding pieces of humor, style, quotations,and much, much more using this site.

Levinson also discusses the topic of cyberbullying. This seems as if it would be worse than traditional bullying. Similar to texting instead of in person or calling, bullies find typing harsh words easier to say to the victim rather than in person. I have not heard of any cyberbullying in the news lately, but a film that comes to mind is the Lifetime movie, Odd Girl Out. It stars a young, attractive girl in high school who was a part of the popular crowd, but soon is bullied and cyberbullied by her own supposed friends when an attractive young man takes in interest in her instead of them. The school did not handle the situation well until the girl attempted suicide. The film really portrays cyberbullying as well as how horrible teenage girls can be toward each other for minor reasons.

That’s all for now folks! Toodles!

Academic Portfolio

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In May of this year, I will finally be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English for New Media with a Certificate in Digital Photography. In order to display my work for future employers, I have created an online portfolio using WordPress. Feel free to explore it by clicking on the link below!

My Online Academic Portfolio!

Review of Wikipedia

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We are always searching for something whether it’s our “magically disappeared” keys, love, the next big fashion fad, and, as always, information. The World Wide Web has given society the gift of instantly finding what we’re looking for when it comes to the big questions, or smaller inquiries. Where does one turn to for straightforward, organized information that’s all in one place? A place that is peer reviewed and provides reliable sources at the bottom of the page? Welcome to the wonderful world of Wikipedia where all of this and more is offered to you, the user.

As I reminisce of my high school days, I remember my English instructor forbidding our class to use Wikipedia as a reliable source on any of our research or term papers, which I oddly wrote on depression and Johnny Cash. I cursed Wikipedia for being so convenient to use. I could not utilize its forbidden fruit to benefit my compositions. Upon arriving to college, the same rules on Wikipedia applied in my Composition courses. This was much to my expectation, but the user friendly and easy access qualities of the site called softly to me. It was just too good to be true.

Today, I mainly use Wikipedia to quickly find basic background information on a subject. I realize that scholarly articles and print materials are the most reliable sources to use when it comes to references, but Wikipedia has always been there for those last minute moments. I never edited or created a page for Wikipedia. I will leave that to the “experts.”

As always, toodles until next time!

YouTube: How I Broadcast Myself

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For the past few years, YouTube has been my main source for audio and video alike. Whenever I wanted to view a new music video or hear a new song in general, I would migrate over to YouTube to do so. Even this past year, if I missed the Presidential debate and/or President’s speech, I would not fret as YouTube would save the day! If a friend was in need of a good laugh, I would find an Ace Ventura or Spongebob Squarepants clip to post on their Facebook page. Yes, even in college, I still search for Spongebob videos!

I never really had an interest in using YouTube as a way to post videos or anything like that until this past year. I realized that time was precious with family and friends, and wanted to keep those precious moments of my life in video format. The first video clips I posted were from a Skillet concert I attended at Lifelight this past fall. I made sure to give the band credit for their songs before posting. I then made videos using Windows Movie Maker of my family from two different weddings. I then posted these to YouTube as one humorous video for my family to view once I posted them to Facebook.  I also added a video of my younger brother dancing with his cross country team in my high school’s first ever dance off. I find that YouTube videos work much better than trying to upload videos using Facebook. My English for New Media video composed for my Foundations of New Media class is uploaded to my channel as well.

I also subscribe to several channels such as music groups I like, as well as singers who are not quite famous yet. YouTube finds videos related to items I have searched in order for me to find other clips I may enjoy watching. I enjoy this feature, especially while viewing clips of my favorite music groups.

Check out my channel if you wish here!


Twitter: A Rediscovered Medium

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In media today, it seems everything includes a hash tag something or other. I find it kind of infuriating that some use it on Facebook as it has no purpose, but media such as commercials also include hash tags to follow. As far as Twitter goes, I do have an account I built only for following purposes. What I mean by this is that I can follow favorite musicians, comedians, and actors as well as friends.

Lately, however, I have been exploring Twitter more so and have found numerous friends and connections to things such as writing prompts. I even discovered my seventeen year old brother uses Twitter more than I do! (Totally blew my mind considering his personality). During the past week, I have been trying to utilize Twitter by either posting and/or conversing with said brother and other friends as well. I definitely don’t use it as much as Facebook, but I am slowly, while dragging my feet slightly, becoming part of the Twitter world. Here is a screen shot of my profile below.

Twitter profile

So far, I have posted 17 tweets since I began and have 51 followers. I am currently following 98 people as well. These numbers may change, but these are approximate numbers. Here is a link to my profile:

That’s all for now folks! Toodles!