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Home Sweet Home

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Well, as most of you have probably heard by now via social media or the grapevine, my boyfriend of FOUR AND A HALF YEARS (emphasis!!!!) and I have signed a lease to a two bed, one bath home in Sioux Falls, near the Sanford Children’s Hospital! We are very excited to not only having a nicer home, but also to not have to commute from Madison to Sioux Falls every day for work. Earlier this week we moved the essentials to our house to stay the night (and be able to check on Molly during lunch hour!). Sunday, we will be moving the big furniture with Matt’s dad.

One of the best features of the house is the yard. It is fenced in, so Molly can roam free right? WRONG! We found four different ways Molly could escape. You can imagine how we found this bit of information out. Matt got smart (finally, haha just kidding!) and boughtDSCF2304 some extra wire to patch these holes up. Molly was mildly upset after he was finished, but quickly forgave us for the abundance of space she now has, the bunnies that live next door and the squeaky toy the last renters left behind for her to play with. Of course, the yard does need some, ok A LOT,  of work, but it will be worth it with all the bonfires and grilling we will be doing, that is after we buy the necessities for that as well! Things to do with the yard include, pulling tons of weeds which include a posterior load of thistles. Yep, enough to make you feel like the damsel, Sleeping Beauty, trapped in a castle. With some mowing, raking, weed destruction and grass planting, we think it will turn out beautiful! (Prince kisses the princess, everyone’s happy!)DSCF2306

The inside, thank God, needs a lot less work. (Please excuse our moving mess as you view the photos by clicking on the links!) Hardwood floors throughout, updated kitchen (with dishwasher and it’s not the person writing this blog!), gorgeous bathroom (and can you believe the shower walls aren’t plaster like our old house!?), closet space and double sliding doors to the backyard! Of course, I did mention previously that we have two bedrooms. Since the second bedroom is a bit smaller than we anticipated, we will only be able to fit a twin bed in it, but possibly some sort of pull out mattress from underneath for extra sleeping space for guests! Yes, we plan on having guests, mainly probably my family from three hours away! I’m really excited for that! We also would like to purchase a dining room table, an actual TABLE to SIT at with others to eat, rather than a card table, coffee table or our laps.

DSCF2316Oh did I mention that we have a DOUBLE garage with a GARAGE DOOR OPENER?! Because we totally do! No more scraping ice for this girl! I know we are so fancy, right?! We also live about two blocks from a beautiful park and an awesome bookstore which I plan on visiting often! Matt and I are very excited to being this journey together and we are even more thrilled to begin having guests over and have a home we are proud of! Stay tuned for updated photos!